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Construction to Begin at Park Haven Plaza in Soquel

Veterans, young adults who have left foster care, and families with children are one step closer to permanent housing as the Park Haven Plaza project just recently received approval to begin site work. Grading work will begin on the site, located at 2838 Park Avenue, on Thursday, October 20. Work will occur weekdays between the hours of 8am and 5pm. 

Park Haven Plaza is a unique collaboration between Novin Development, the Central Valley Alliance for Affordable Housing, and Abode Services, with significant support from the State of California Homekey Program, the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz, the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, the countywide Housing for Health Partnership, and the County of Santa Cruz. 

Park Haven Plaza consists of 36 new rental apartments that include on-site supportive services for its residents. It will have a full-time on-site property manager. The building will be all-electric with renewable energy (photovoltaic on the roof) and water conservation features, and will use modular building methods with construction starting now and completion next Spring. 

Earlier this year, the Housing Authority awarded Park Haven Plaza vouchers to assure stable, affordable housing for the future residents. Of that total, 17 will be military veterans, 14 for young adults, and four families with minor children. Prospective tenants will be screened for eligibility by property management and the Housing Authority. 

For questions or concerns related to the construction work, please contact or call (925) 344-6244.


Collaboration and Status

As part of the Homekey and AB 2162 ministerial review process, the County’s Development Review Group (DRG) has reviewed the initial project plans submitted by the applicant for compliance with “objective” standards.

  • The project has been neither approved nor denied by the County at this point. If it receives a Homekey award, it may apply for building permits due to the streamlining provided by AB 140 and AB 2162. If the project meets requirements of AB 2162, it must be approved through a ministerial process. These laws are very clear and very prescriptive – there can be no discretionary hearings if the project meets the applicable objective requirements.  In that case, the County can’t legally deny it.

  • The DRG provided the applicant team with technical comments and conditions of approval that will be required to ensure its compliance with applicable objective standards, as required by AB 2162 and AB 140.

  • The AB 2162 application submitted to the DRG included several requested concessions/waivers pursuant to State density bonus law and County code chapter 17.12, as allowed by AB 2162.

  • No issues were identified by the DRG that would be grounds for denial of the concessions or the project as a whole. Further, AB 140 deems all Homekey-funded projects as in compliance with all local land use regulations, policies, zoning codes, etc.

  • The local jurisdiction – the County of Santa Cruz – bears the burden of proof if it wishes to deny requests for concessions in a density bonus application. A recent Court of Appeals case in the California 4th Appellate District sustained the City of San Diego’s approval of a project in similar circumstances.

Who Will Collaborate on Park Haven Plaza?


  • As mentioned, Park Haven Plaza will be a unique collaboration between the State of California, the County of Santa Cruz, the Central Valley Coalition for Affordable Housing, Abode Services and Novin Development. The principal developer, Novin Development, is an experienced sponsor and developer of mixed-income multi-family projects that focus on achieving goals centered on social responsibility and environmental sustainability. NDC’s Founder and Principal, Iman Novin, has worked in affordable housing for over 16 years, serving in important roles for two of California’s largest non-profit affordable housing companies, where he participated in the acquisition, entitlement and construction of over 1,500 units throughout California prior to starting Novin Development. Novin Development has a current pipeline of over 500 units of affordable housing across the Bay Area. Novin Development has local offices in Santa Cruz County.

How will be 2838 Park Avenue be Funded?

  • This unique development will be funded through the California Department of Housing and Community Development Homekey Program, Santa Cruz County, the Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County and private sponsor funds.